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Is the Studo App free?
Is the Studo App free?

Why is there a price for the PRO version?

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All students can use the basic version of the Studo app for free. From our own personal experience, we know that many students live on a low income and can’t afford to buy a subscription. That’s why we are happy to say that most of Studo’s features can be accessed by everyone for free.

What is Studo PRO?

Studo PRO is a subscription that includes additional features to help you in your day-to-day studies. You also support our team and ensure that we can continue to keep the Studo app up to date.

Features include an advanced calendar preview, alternative colour settings, mail search, and more. You can read more about the benefits of the PRO version here.

To subscribe to PRO, open the app’s side menu and tap on “Go PRO”.

Why are some features exclusive to Studo PRO?

We want to offer a high quality application and provide students with the best possible app that supports you during your studies.

The Studo PRO version allows us to do that. Charging a small monthly fee allows us to keep developing new features and maintain the infrastructure and services we need to provide a great service to you. With the subscription you directly support the team behind the app.

Making high profits isn’t Studo’s top priority. Click here to learn more about the Studo team :)

Why do you show ads?

To keep the basic version of Studo free, we need to show advertisements. For example at the bottom of the screen and in the chat.

You’re probably familiar with the ‘cookie banner’ popup you see on many websites. When you start using the basic version of Studo, you will be asked to give your consent. Your IP addresses, cookies, device identifiers and other data may be used to provide ads that are as interesting and relevant to you as possible.

Of course this does not relate to your university data. This data stays where it belongs: on the servers of your university. Same goes for your calendar entries, to-do lists and chat messages – they will also never be shared with third parties. You can read more about privacy and data protection at Studo here.

What if I don’t have any money?

We know first hand what the average financial situation of a student looks like. That’s why you can access almost all features of the app without the PRO version!

If you would like to use the PRO version, but can't afford it yourself, you can ask your parents or relatives for a Google Play gift card or App Store gift card. The Studo app actively supports you in your studies and saves you valuable time every day, allowing you to spend more time studying. Your loved ones will certainly be happy to give you a useful gift for Christmas, a birthday, the start of the semester or during the stressful exam period to help you succeed in your studies.

Also, if you invite a friend to Studo, you both get Studo PRO for free for 3 months. This also works if you invite multiple friends. And you can check if Studo PRO vouchers have been posted in Studo Chat from time to time.

You can also ask for vouchers at your student council, ÖH, Asta, or directly at your university. They can contact us, and we will send them some vouchers for free!

Will the price of Studo PRO increase?

We are committed to making Studo PRO as affordable as possible for students. We only increase prices if inflation makes it impossible to cover operating costs in any other way.

The Covid-19 pandemic and following years were an difficult time for many students. To make life and studying as easy as possible, we did not increase the price of Studo PRO from 2018 to 2024.

However, due to the increased inflation and the resulting rise in infrastructure and development costs for us, we were forced to increase the price in 2024.

For those who already had an ongoing subscription under the old price, the old price remains. For new subscriptions, the new price will apply.

If you have any questions, please contact us in the support area at the top right corner in the app.

Love, your Studo team 💌

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