Of course, you won't lose your PRO version if you uninstall Studo or when you buy a new device. Since you have authenticated yourself at Studo with your telephone number, the PRO version (no matter how purchased) is linked to your Studo account. Please make sure that you have saved your current phone number in the Studo settings before you uninstall the app. If you have a new phone and a new phone number, make sure to first migrate your Studo account to your new phone number - you will receive an SMS on the new phone number to confirm your new phone number.

If you purchased your PRO version via a purchase or subscription, you can also restore the purchase at any time under GO PRO using your Google or Apple account.

If you have signed up to your PRO subscription on your Android device and are now using an iOS device (or vice versa), you can "take along" the subscription without canceling: Simply log in on both devices with the same phone number. This way you can also use a PRO subscription on several devices (e.g. smartphone & tablet) at the same time 😊

New phone number

Do you have a new mobile number? Then transfer your Studo account to your new phone number in the Studo settings. You can find more information about SMS login here.

BR the Studo Team

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