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How exactly does the app work?
How exactly does the app work?

Technical details on how Studo works

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Studo is a browser app, like Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Co. The difference to existing browsers is that Studo

  1. provides predefined links to various university websites (see "Bookmarks" for other browser apps) and

  2. these pages are partially optimized for mobile devices by using the Studo HTML API reader to insert certain content into native app menus.

As with any browser, the personal access data of the users are transmitted encrypted to the server of their own university. In contrast to other browsers, such as Chrome, Studo complies with European legislation: The login credentials are not transmitted to external servers. The entire Studo browser architecture was developed in the context of a bachelor thesis at the Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media at Graz University of Technology.

Furthermore, Studo also offers a native mail client, which allows receiving and sending mails via the IMAP and SMTP protocol. This mail client is comparable to other mail apps like Samsung Mail, Apple Mail or HTC Mail. Through optimizations such as the dynamic configuration of the mail servers, the Studo mail client is optimally tailored to students' use.

The Studo App also includes a native calendar, which can be used to import and synchronize university course dates, work schedules or appointments from leisure activities using the ical standard.

How can I test or use the app?

The use of the app requires an active study at one of the supported universities and colleges. So you can only use the app if you are a student.

Who uses Studo?

Studo is used by over 200,000 students in the European Union. Many universities and university representatives also work together with Studo in order to offer an even better service to the students.

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