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The Studo App, the most successful university app in Europe, offers you everything that is important for your studies in just one app. Whether it's mail, schedule, lunch menus, course overview, grades, todos, news or chat - with Studo you can get through the daily student life in an organized way.

In this article you will learn everything that Studo Chat offers you so that you can easily get through everyday university life. πŸ˜€

You are studying for an important exam, but you are missing important documents, information or formulas for the exam because you could not always go to the course? Thanks to the Studo Chat you have the possibility to get in contact with your classmates in a very easy and uncomplicated way in order to exchange information about the exams or other topics related to your studies.

Chat Categories

In the Studo App in the Chat tab you will find different subcategories on different topics related to student life:

  • Your city: Whether you study in Graz, Vienna, Salzburg or Linz - here you will find everything about parties, bars and restaurants in your student city.

  • Your university: In this chat category you can discover what you need to know about your studies, such as free elective courses, recognition of courses from your second study or the perfect places to study on campus.

  • Your study program: Here you have the opportunity to exchange information with fellow students on topics such as the supervision of your bachelor or master thesis, your student representatives, specializations in your study program, etc.

  • Current courses: One of our greatest categories! After your registration in Studo Chat, you will automatically have your own chat for each of your current courses, where you can ask specific questions about the course, give hints about the exam and upload your notes, exam preparations etc.

  • Studo feature wishes: Do you have new ideas or improvement points for Studo? Then use this category to tell us what you would like to see in the future. Please do not use the feedback chat for technical problems, these can best be solved in the support area in the app on the top right.

File exchange and push notifications

In Studo Chat you can also share with your fellow students photos and documents, e.g. preparations for an exam. Please respect the copyright and share only those documents that you have created yourself or that you are allowed to share.

Push notifications are turned on by default for all your chats after you sign in to Studo Chat. This way you can quickly and easily tell your fellow students if a class is cancelled - cool, isn't it? πŸ™‚ You can turn the notifications on and off with just one click - just click on the speaker icon in the upper right corner.

Upvote Rating

You can also rate each entry with an upvote in Studo Chat. This system is used to highlight helpful chat posts. For good contributions you will be rewarded with Studo Points - next to every post you make you will see your collected points. Each post can be upvoted up to one time per person. If for example your post has 15 upvotes, it means that 15 fellow students have marked your post as helpful. πŸ™‚

Private Chat

In order to encourage a meaningful dialogue, we ask you to use your real name in the Studo Chat, but we can't force you - you can also post messages with a pseudonym. To write private messages in Studo Chat, just click on the chat post and then go to "Private Message".


Since Studo Chat Update 4.03 the former names are replaced by usernames in Studo Chat. This has the advantage that it allows you to mention people in chat posts. Just type "@" followed by the username of the person you want to mention (e.g. "Thank you, @maxi_muster!"). With the new function only a unique username is necessary (first name, last name and anonymous posting are no longer necessary). Note: each username is unique and can be used by only one person at a time. Any anonymous posts made before the update will of course remain anonymous. With this feature it is now also possible to start a private chat with any chat user. πŸ™Œ

The username can contain lowercase characters from a-z (no umlauts or diaeresis), numbers from 0-9 and the character "_" and "." to split e.g. your first name with your last name. The username must start with a letter, and may not contain illegal words or misleading statements. We recommend you to choose firstname_lastname as your username (if still available).

You want to change your username? Then please go to Chat -> Chat Settings -> Change Username. You can change your username every 30 days at the earliest. However, it's obvisouly the best to keep your username for a long period of time as this is the only way to build yourself a good reputation in Studo Chat :)

For information on Studo Points and Studo Chat Community Guidelines, click here.

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