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Problems with E-Mails
Problems with E-Mails

Do you have problems receiving e-mails or updating them?

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Receiving or sending mails

You can perform a mail diagnosis in the Studo settings in the Mail section. Will this explain the connection problem? Often it can also help to clear the mail caches (under mail troubleshooting). If this does not solve the problem, please contact the support chat. If possible, please include a screenshot of the problem so that we can take a closer look at it!

Mail Push Notification is not arriving

Please make sure that the Studo app is not closed in the background or that you do not "kill" the app. This way the app has the possibility from your operating system (Android or iOS) to update the mails in the background. The update interval is "intelligently" controlled by your operating system - depending on battery status, connection status and frequency of app usage, Studo will be allowed to update the mails in the background more or less often. For Android devices, we have more information here about defective push notifications.

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