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Delete my Studo Account
Delete my Studo Account

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Manual account deletion

You can easily delete your Studo account yourself: In the Studo app, navigate to the side menu -> Settings -> About Studo -> Request Account Deletion.

Alternatively, you can send us an email to requesting deletion of your account and providing your phone number to which your Studo account belongs. Note that without your phone number we cannot technically delete your Studo account. Please do not mention any other personal details such as your university account username or your immatriculation number.

Automatic account deletion

If your Studo account is not used for 3 years (e.g. because you have not installed or opened the Studo app for 3 years), your Studo account will be deleted automatically. 3 years was chosen to strike a good balance between the principle of data minimization (see e.g. GDPR Art. 5) and data security in case of prolonged non-use (see e.g. GDPR Art. 32). You don’t need to take any steps to activate the automatic Studo account deletion.

Studo Account

Your Studo account is linked to the phone number you provided when you joined Studo. Deleting your Studo account will not change your university account. If you de-register from your university, your Studo account will not be deleted. You can still use some Studo features after you graduate. You can also use your same Studo account when swithing from one university to another one. More information about the Studo account.

My phone was stolen, what should I do now?

First of all, sorry that you don't have your smartphone anymore. Unfortunately, the phone number is the only way for us to identify a Studo user at the moment. We do not collect any other user-identifying information about you. This means that we can only help you if you have access to the phone number on one of your devices (to confirm the Studo login SMS) or to Studo itself (to perform the above steps).

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