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Studo Account Login
Studo Account Login

Create a Studo Account and secure it via your phone number.

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Why is an own account required?

In order to be able to use the app, you will be asked to create a new account at the very beginning. This account is not your university account, but your own Studo account, on which, among other things, your PRO version is saved and all of your self-entered calendar entries and chat messages is synchronized across multiple devices.

Are you buying a new cell phone? Doesn't matter - if you log in again with the same phone number, your PRO version and all of your entered events and chat messages will be preserved. Below is a description of what you can do if you have a new phone number πŸ™‚

The SMS login was introduced within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is mandatory in the European Union, in order to protect data subject rights and the obligation to delete and to make these queries authenticatable.

Can I use Studo on multiple devices or my tablet?

You can also use Studo on your tablet: Log in on the tablet with the same phone number.

If you have several mobile phones, please enter the same phone number on all devices in Studo.

This will synchronize your settings, your PRO status and your personal calendar entries on all devices.

Is there only the possibility of SMS registration?

SMS registration makes it easy for you because you no longer have to remember a password - just like WhatsApp, Telegram and many other apps. Your phone number will be saved only for the purpose of logging in and will not be used for anything else.

As a student you usually only have a phone number, but usually have at least 2 email addresses (private plus university) and possibly a Facebook and Google account. Therefore it is very difficult for many students to still know which method you used on the last login even after one year.

In order to keep the login process as simple as possible, there is only this one option for registration.

Why is it not only sufficient to register with my university system?

After you have registered with the Studo account in the app, you can link one or more universities. However, there is no system on the part of the universities to store data such as your PRO version there and in the event that you continue to study at another university to transfer it there. That is why the standardized Studo login was created: You have one account, and no matter on which university or universities you are studying at, you can always take your personal calendar entries, settings, Studo Chat messages and a PRO version with you.

The login to the Studo account via telephone number has therefore been designed in such a way that there is no loss of data in the event of device loss or when moving to another university.

What happens if I have a new mobile number?

Just like WhatsApp, Telegram and many other apps that register via SMS-TAN, you can change your mobile phone number here in the settings. Please make sure that if you have a new mobile phone number to first transfer your Studo account to your new phone number on an existing Studo installation. This transfer is free and takes only a few seconds. Start the transfer on your old phone in the Studo settings in section sign-in via text message.

By the way: If you change your mobile phone provider, you can also take your existing phone number with you from your old provider. More information on

I have lost my cell phone and therefore also my SIM card. What can I do now?

In this case, please contact your mobile operator from whom you received your SIM card immediately. This can block your old SIM card and send you a new SIM card (with the same phone number).


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