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Read aloud functionality: Using Studo as a blind person
Read aloud functionality: Using Studo as a blind person

VoiceOver and TalkBack

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Studo is accessible for use by blind students. To create the most seamless system integration as possible, Studo is natively programmed on iOS and Android. This means that components in the Studo app are implemented as defined by Apple or Google as the best-supported solution in their operating systems. Among other things, this has the advantage that it makes Studo easy to use by blind students: Using it behaves in the same way as other apps that offer accessible service.

The read aloud option can be activated in the system settings of the operating system used:

Activate read aloud functionality on iOS.

For iPhones and iPads, this only requires VoiceOver to be enabled in order to use the Studo app as a blind student: iOS System Settings - Accessibility - VoiceOver. Further details on using VoiceOver are described in this comprehensive support article from Apple.

Enable read aloud functionality on Android

Android devices from all different manufacturers support the TalkBack function, to be activated under: Android system settings - Accessibility - TalkBack. Further details on how to use TalkBack are described in this support article from Google, which also contains further links on how to get started with TalkBack.

There are problems using Studo as a blind student?

When VoiceOver or TalkBack is enabled, some UI elements in Studo are displayed differently to allow for better interoperability with the operating system's read-aloud capabilities. If you have found a bug, or if you are a blind student and have further wishes or ideas to make Studo even more accessible? Then please write to us in the support area in the top right corner of the app. Through the feedback of some blind students, functions could already be made easier several times.

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