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Organization Verification

Verify in Studo Connect that you belong to your organisation.

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We would like to validate that the organization in Studo Newsroom really belongs to the mentioned organisation. Only verified organizations like study councils, student representations, university clubs, university organizations or organizations with student focus can publish in the Studo Newsfeed. You can confirm this by adding a Studo logo with a special link to your organization website.

Are there any verification problems?

Please consider the following steps when verifying your website:

  • Correct spelling of the website: Copy the link to your website or the link to the Studo Connect verification page into your web browser. Please also note if http or https is at the beginning of the URL and if the URL is written with or without www..

  • No redirection: If your organization's website is accessible via multiple URLs, please enter the final website URL in Studo Connect. This can also be a subpage of another website if your organization is a sub-organization of another organization.

  • Image with hyperlink in the organization page: For verification purposes, it is important that the Studo logo is directly clickable on your website and then links directly (without JavaScript) to the page specified in Studo Connect. If this is technically not possible, please place the Studo logo on your website and link to the page specified in Studo Connect in a text on the same page. Then contact the Studo support directly in Studo Connect and we will verify your page manually.

You are using Wordpress and have troubles with the logo verification?

Here you can find a good tutorial on how to insert the HTML code for the Studo logo into your Wordpress page. Use as HTML code in Wordpress the HTML code snippet shown in Studo Connect.

Alternatively, you can simply link the Studo logo to the URL mentioned in Studo Connect.

No own website?

Your organization does not have its own website? No problem.

  • Your organization is a sub-organization of another organization with a website: For example, if you belong to the organisation "Student Racing Team Vienna", but there is only one website of the organisation "Student Racing Team Austria", you can also publish your logo on one of the sub-organisations of the nationwide organisation for verification. For each website several organisations can be verified in Studo Connect, in this case there will be one Studo logo with a unique link per associated organisation on the website.

  • Your website does not belong to any other organization and does not have its own website: For example, if you belong to a small association "Öko Green Uni Wien" and do not have your own website, you can verify your organisation via another website, such as the website of your university or the website of your student representation at your university. In this case, please ask one of the two organisations to create a subpage on their website where your organisation is presented. You can enter this page as the website of your organization in Studo Connect and your organization will be verified.

Feedback and wishes

Your problem was not solved with this help article? You still have questions about Studo Connect or want to give us feedback on this new feature? Please contact us in the support area in Studo Connect, we can help you there. You can also use your feedback to influence the future development of Studo Connect :)

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