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Wrong username / password in university login
Wrong username / password in university login

Login problems when linking your university in Studo?

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You get an error message that your entered access data is not correct? With the following steps you can fix the problem:

1. Check your username

When logging in to your university in the Studo app, the same user name is required as in your university's online system. The username is usually not your first and last name and usually not your email address, but a combination of letters and numbers:

Please note that the username is sensitive to upper and lower case letters.

Use the username provided by your university (not your Studo Chat username).

If you have forgotten your university username, please contact your university support. The Studo Team does not have access to your personal username, as it is not stored or processed on Studo servers for privacy and data security reasons.

2. Check your password

The university login password is also sensitive to upper and lower case letters. Make sure you enter the same password in Studo as you would in any other web browser.

If you have forgotten your university password, please contact your university support. The Studo team has no access to your personal university password. For data protection and data security reasons, the password is neither stored nor processed on Studo servers.

3. Change your password

You are sure that username and password are correct? Then changing the university password usually helps. Browsers often store passwords, so you may not need your current password to change your password. Changing your password usually solves the problems.

In addition, certain special characters/diacritics/umlauts in the password may cause problems. A longer password is more recommended than a password with many special characters. If necessary, change the used special character.

Can't change your password?

If you cannot change your password on the university's website because you cannot log in there, please contact the support team at your university. Studo can help you with technical problems with the Studo App. However, if you are unable to log in to your university on your computer, only the support team at your university can help you.

4. Wait a few hours

If your university is currently in maintenance mode, the login process cannot be completed. In this case it helps to wait a few hours or a day. Waiting is also often necessary if an incorrect password has been entered too often - in this case you probably got the error message that your university is currently unavailable to you.

5. Try with or without Wi-Fi

Often the problem when logging in is neither on the mobile phone nor at the university, but in between: Try to login one time with a Wi-Fi connection and a second time without a Wi-Fi connection (mobile phone only).

6. Reinstall the app

Reinstalling the Studo app in the App Store or Play Store will delete all locally stored data on the phone. This step also ensures that you have the latest version of the app. (Of course, if you log in with the same phone number again, your PRO version, private calendar events, chat posts, etc. will be preserved)

7. Validate university

Many universities in Europe have very similar names or have several locations. Please make sure that you have chosen the correct university with the correct location in the university selection in the Studo App. Please search again for the name of your university in the app and check which of the suggested universities is your university.

8. Try another browser on your mobile phone

You still can't log in to Studo at your university? Try using a different browser on your phone, such as Chrome or Safari. Can you log in there? If so, please copy and paste your username and password once into the Studo app and once into your mobile browser. Does the login work in the browser as well as in the Studo app?

9. Contact Studo support

All the steps above did not work? Then simply contact the Studo support in the upper right corner of the app, there you will be helped in any case. Don't forget to also send a screenshot of possible error messages, so we can help you even faster!

Have fun with the app,

your Studo-Team

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