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Studo Points: What, How, When?
Studo Points: What, How, When?

What are Studo Points? How are they earned?

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The Studo App, with the most successful university chat in German-speaking countries, offers you everything that is important for your studies in just one app. Regardless of whether it's a mail, timetable, lunch menu, course overview, grades, news or chat - with Studo you get organized through everyday student life.

The Studo app is very popular among users and the chat function is also actively used by many students. In the different chat categories you can exchange ideas with other students on certain topics and collect Studo Points. Have you ever wondered what these Studo Points are and what benefits they bring? In this post you will learn more!

Why are studo points important?

The Studo Points show you how much useful content you contribute to the Studo Community. Because the more active users use this feature, the better the quality in Studo Chat, the more information is available and the more answers you get to your questions. By voting, you can actively participate in this process and ensure that authors are rewarded with helpful contributions in Studo Chat. The more points you have, the more credible you appear to other Studo users. You can be really proud of that. 😉

How do I get and lose Studo Points?

The more helpful you are in Studo Chat, the more Studo Points you collect. The system is based on the "give and take" principle . However, there is also a possibility that you will lose Studo Points. Here is how the system works:

  • If you rate a contribution or comment, you will receive 2 points . The author of the post receives 10 points. So you can reward the author of the post for his useful contribution.

  • If you create a contribution or comment , you will receive 5 Studo Points .

  • You lose Studo Points if your post is reported and moderators consider that it does not meet the Studo Chat Community Guidelines. Here you will be deducted up to 100 Studo Points.

  • You can't reset the Studo Points either, because that would contradict the principle of Studo Points. 

  • If your answer is marked “Accepted”, you will receive 20 Studo Points extra. For accepting another answer you get 5 Studo Points.

  • Sharing experiences and course information in Studo Wiki brings 20 Studo Points per vote and 50 Studo Points per completed text. Since you can help your fellow students very much, the full completion of Studo Wiki will be rewarded with a total of 180 Studo Points.

You can get a maximum of 300 Studo Points per day through the above actions. Filling in the Studo Wiki is not affected by this, because the daily limit in the Studo Wiki is 3000 Studo Points.

Please note that there are no Studo Points in the country channel (Germany, Austria, ...).

What do I get for my Studo Points?

As mentioned above, Studo Points show how many posts you have made or how many positive votes you have received for your posts in total. They are therefore there to reward high-quality content. In the future you will be able to do other things with a higher number of Studo Points, but we can't say more about that yet ;) 

Where do I see the Studo Points?

You can see your own Studo Points at the top of the channel overview. The Studo Points of others can be found by the name of the respective author: "john_snow (1000)" has about 1000 Studo Points, "maria_muster (300)" has about 300 Studo Points. The Studo Points are updated live in steps of 100.

We hope that we were able to satisfy your curiosity about Studo Points and that in the future you will continue to earn studo points. 🙂

Best regards

Your Studo team

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