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Do students have to pay for the app?
Do students have to pay for the app?

Why is there a price for the PRO version?

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Why is there a price for the PRO version?

Already in the early stages of development it was clear that we wanted to offer a high quality application and provide students with the best possible user experience. Within the app it is possible to purchase a PRO version of Studo, which gives students additional features such as an advanced calendar preview or alternative colour settings.

Why do I have to pay anything?

In order to develop the app, it is necessary for students and graduates to take care of programming, maintenance, operation, further development and support. With the subscription you directly support the team behind the app - because the programmers, designers and the whole team also have to be able to pay for their apartment, buy food and live on a salary.

But as a student I don't have any money.

We know first hand what the average financial situation of a student looks like. If you can't afford the PRO version yourself, you can ask your parents or relatives for a Google Play gift card or App Store gift card. The Studo App actively supports you in your studies and saves you valuable time every day by allowing you to spend more time studying. Your loved ones will certainly be happy to give you a useful gift for Christmas, a birthday, the start of the semester or during the stressful exam period to help you succeed in your studies.

How can apps in general make money?

Why isn't Studo free like some other apps?

As described above, there are costs associated with hosting, maintenance and further development of apps. These costs, which apply to all apps, can generally be covered by apps in 3 ways:

  • The app is financed from a private donation

  • The app is financed by the sale or use of data

  • The costs are covered by a PRO version or a subscription

One of Studo's core values is data protection, so point 2 has never been and will never be considered.

How does Studo earn money?

That is why we have opted for point 3: The option to enable development of the app through a PRO subscription. This makes it possible that the Studo App can also be operated by people who have completed their studies and need an income. Making high profits will never be an end goal for Studo.

Here you can learn more about the Studo team :)

Why has the price of Studo PRO increased?

In order to make life and studying as easy as possible for our students during the corona pandemic and the following uncertain times, prices for Studo PRO have not been adjusted since 2018. However, due to the increased inflation in recent years and the resulting sharp rise in infrastructure and development costs for us, we were now forced to increase the price.

For those who have already an ongoing self-renewing subscription under the old price model, the old price remains. The old price model will only expire when the subscription is actively canceled. For new PRO subscription, the new price will apply.

If you have any questions, please contact us in the support area at the top right corner in the app.

Love from your Studo team

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