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What does the stop watch in the course overview mean?
What does the stop watch in the course overview mean?

Information on the workload assessment at your university for more ECTS fairness.

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If you see a stopwatch next to a course, there is an app-format workload survey available through a collaboration between Studo and your university to improve the quality of teaching in selected courses.

Help develop the curriculum and track your daily workload directly and anonymously in Studo!

Your advantages:

  • track your personal time management thanks to integrated charts live

  • make a significant contribution to the further development of the curriculum

Now it' s all about YOU helping to improve the curriculum at your university. Here we describe how to do this. It is important that you enter your individual workload every day.

Go to the "Courses" tab and select the courses with activated workload survey. You can see if workload survey is enabled by the "clock icon" to the right of the course:

Click on the course, provide some socio-demographic information to your university and sign up for workload survey. Don't forget to tick the box for the evening reminder:

In order for the workload survey to make sense, please enter your actual workload for the course within the course for each day: (It is important that you still enter a workload of 0 hours on days when you have not put any workload into your course. Of course, days can also be entered retroactively).

The workload survey in the app-format was developed on behalf of your rectorate with the aim of recording the actual time consumption of students per course in order to use this information for further curriculum development measures.

If you have further questions regarding the workload survey, please read our workload FAQs. You will find them below as a menu item in the workload survey.

Thank you very much for your help!

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