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Change font size

The font in Studo is too small or too large for you?

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Studo conforms to Google's Material Design Type System on Android, and to the typography standards of Apple's Human Interface Guidelines on iOS. This means that the app is presented on the respective device according to the standards defined there, which enables the greatest possible compatibility and seamless integration into the platform used by the user. This is important for good support of accessible app usage.

By using these standards, it is easy to change the font size on the mobile device. The system font size and system typeface are automatically adopted, which means, for example, that an increase in font size due to visual impairment is only necessary once for each device.

"Screen magnifiers, and other visual reading assistants, which are used by people with visual, perceptual and physical print disabilities to change text font, size, spacing, color, synchronization with speech, etc. in order to improve the visual readability of rendered text and images [...] are important assistive technologies."

Change font size on Android

You can change the font size of your smartphone in the Android system settings under Display. All apps that support the above standards will adjust to your preference as a result. Depending on the Android derivative you are using, you can also adjust the font in the Android system settings.

Change font size on iOS

You can change the text size of your smartphone in the iOS system settings under Display & Brightness. All apps that support the above standards will adjust to your preference as a result. For more information, especially on how to increase the font size even further, see this iOS support article from Apple.

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