Your PRO subscription is linked to your Studo account, which secured via your telephone number.
If you have completed your PRO subscription on your Android device and are now using an iOS device (or vice versa), you can "take along" the subscription without canceling: Simply log in on both devices with the same phone number. So you can also use a PRO subscription on several devices (e.g. smartphone & tablet) at the same time. 🙂

We do our best to continuously improve Studo - that's why your opinion is very important to us! In the event of a cancellation, please inform us in the Feedback & Support area in the app or at about your reason for cancellation, in most cases we can solve problems or ambiguities immediately. Don't forget: Uninstalling the app does not automatically cancel the PRO subscription. Depending on how you have completed your subscription, there are different ways to manage or cancel it:

Manage your PRO subscription with Android (via Google Play Store)

You can cancel the subscription on your PC, Android device or iPhone / iPad. To do this, follow these instructions.

If you want to change your payment method, you will find all information here.

Manage a PRO subscription under iOS (via Apple App Store)

You can manage or cancel your PRO subscription on your iPhone / iPad, Mac or PC. Apple is providing here a guide.

The PRO subscription cancellation didn't work?

Did you cancel your PRO subscription but still received an invoice from Apple or Google?
For Apple subscriptions, please contact Apple directly at, they will help you with all possible payment problems.
For Google subscriptions, please contact us at and write to us to which Google Account email address the charge was made and which phone number is linked to your Studo account.


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