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Missing event in the calendar? (Uni Wien)
Missing event in the calendar? (Uni Wien)

The events of individual courses at the University of Vienna are missing in the calendar.

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Some courses are marked with the following icon:

This means that Studo could not get any dates from u:find . Due to system-related conditions, the dates of these courses were unfortunately not entered in a technically readable format, but are written as free text or linked on an external page.

So what can I do?

Unfortunately, the course dates from your Campus Management System u:find must be entered manually in the calendar. Use the red plus button in the Studo calendar to add one or multiple events.

However, you can also politely ask your professor to enter the dates as an appointment list (such as the LV Bible Science Methods). Your teacher may be interested in ensuring that all students come to the course on time πŸ˜‰

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