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Dates in the calendar are not correct? (TU Wien)
Dates in the calendar are not correct? (TU Wien)

Do you have too many or too few events in the Studo calendar at the Vienna University of Technology?

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As a TU Wien student, you have dates from previous courses in your Studo Calendar and want to hide them? Or the dates of courses in the new semester are not displayed? 😱

In TISS under Favorites, you can group your classes. The division into semesters (e.g. WS 2017 , WS 2018 ...) is very popular .

If you don't want to show the dates of the previous semester anymore, click on the pencil next to the group ✏️:

Now you can deactivate the checkmark βœ… Termine anzeigen (Show events):

Do not forget to save and the events are hidden after the next synchronization of Studo

😎 Tip: You can start a synchronization manually by pulling down in the courses tab, otherwise it will only be done the next time the app is started.

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