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Push notifications not working on iOS?
Push notifications not working on iOS?

Steps to troubleshoot why your push notifications are not working on your iOS device.

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There can be multiple reasons why you do not receive notifications. This article will guide you through them, starting with the most common ones.

Do Not Disturb mode enabled

As soon as you enable the Do Not Disturb mode, all notifications get silently delivered to the notification center. So there is a good chance that you will miss them. To check if this is the case you need to locate the Settings app on your home screen and go to the Do Not Disturb section. Here you need to make sure that Do Not Disturb is disabled, like you can see in the screenshot below:

Background App Refresh disabled

Some notifications like mail and new grades notifications need the Background App Refresh to be enabled in order to be able to work. To check this you need to locate the Settings app on your home screen. Then scroll down to Studo and make sure that Background App Refresh is enabled, as seen on the screenshot below:

Removing Studo from the App switcher

Some notifications like mail and new grades notifications need the app to be in the app switcher. So make sure that you do not “swipe away” Studo from the app switcher if you want these notifications to work. More in the support article form Apple.

Low battery, low power mode, exhausted data plan

If your device has low battery (less than 20%), iOS might temporary disable background refresh. The same applies if your device is in low power mode. Apple provides a support article how to disable the low power mode and which settings this mode affects.

If you set a custom cellular plan and are near or above your data plan limit, iOS might also disable background refresh. Apple explain in this support article how to disable the custom cellular plan.

Still having troubles?

You can try if push notifications work by navigating to StudoSettingsNotifications. Here you can find the Test notifications option, which will immediately send you a test notification. Please also try restarting your device, this might also solve the problem.

Reinstalling the Studo app from the app store can also fix the problem.

Please also note that using a DNS, VPN, cleaner, proxy, privacy, anti-tracking, firewall, IP blocker, or ad blocker app may interfere with features such as push notifications. If you have any of these apps installed on your smartphone (or on your router at home), please try temporarily disabling them and reinstall Studo without them. Several students have reported that some of these apps were not configured optimally and disabled certain features in the Studo app.

If all the above steps did not help or you still have troubles, our support team is more than happy to help you out! You can contact them by using the in-app support chat which is located at the upper right corner.

Have fun with Studo!

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