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Full-day event recognition in the Studo calendar
Full-day event recognition in the Studo calendar

Events above as a full-day event or as a large bar throughout the day.

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Configure your Studo calendar exactly to your needs as student!

In Studo for Android and iOS it is possible to configure the calendar view in more detail. πŸ‘

The full-day event detection in Studo is set under Settings -> Calendar. You can now set what happens to appointments that are entered "full day" but are not marked as all day. Full-day event recognition automatically recognizes whether an appointment lasts at least 8 hours and then shows it as an full-day event. This function can make the calendar easier for you, especially for days-long university events such as excursions or drop-in interviews.


On the first picture below, all-day event recognition is switched off. The appointment is entered between 8:00 and 20:00. On the second picture, the event is shown as full-day event thanks to the full-day event recognition in the calendar above.


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