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How grade statistics are calculated and how to change them.

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To make Studo app as useful to you as possible, Studo shows you your course grades and ECTS. Moreover, we show you statistics including your average weighted and unweighted grades as well as an overview of your study progress.

How are the grade statistics calculated?

Your course grades including the ECTS are imported from the campus management system of your university. Therefore, we use high standards as grades are encrypted and only stored locally in the Studo app. Studo calculates the average weighted grades and unweighted grades based on the ECTS, the date and the grade. The following formulas are used:

unweighted = SUM(grade) / COUNT(grades)
weighted = SUM(grade * ECTS) / SUM(ECTS)

The calculation happens locally and offline on your device. The grade statistics only consider grades with numerical grade values (such as 1 or 5) in the calculation. Grades like "recognized", "competed", or "participated with success" are ignored for the calculation. It can therefore differ from a calculation of the university or a grant provider.

Before applying for a grant or using the weighted or unweighted grades, please double check the rules of the party you apply to. Not all universities and grants calculate the grade average in the same way.

Can I change the grade calculation?

Yes. In case you have obtained certain grades that are not imported from your campus management system (e.g. from a study abroad), you can manually create grades in the Studo App. Those manually created grades are marked as such, so you know that they are not imported from your university.

You can also hide grades from the statistics. This can be helpful in case some of your grades are not relevant for your study curriculum.

Privacy & Security

We take your privacy and security serious. Grades imported from your university are only stored locally and encrypted in the Studo app. Grades that you manually create in the Studo app are encrypted and backed up by Studo to comply with the GDPR. If you have additional questions, you find here more information about privacy and security.

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